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Curatorial Services

Fathom offers his curatorial services for private collectors & the hospitality industry or anywhere his services are needed. In some venues he books artists for monthly exhibitions, while in others he hand picks resident artists that work with the with the venues aesthetic. His services include;

  • Choosing artists for monthly or quarterly exhibitions.

  • Choosing resident artists that match the venues aesthetic

  • Curating and exhibiting group shows and visual art & musical events

  • Crafting interiors through custom furniture and installation design

  • Interior Decorating & custom design decisions.

Accomplishments & Services

  • Serves as an Arts Presenter at local establishments like Porto Lounge and G.P’s Hamilton Park. Exhibiting the best visual artists available in the area with 100% commission to the artist.

  • Design Curator of El Dopeness a pop culture Mexican kitchen soon to be performance space and whiskey bar

  • Design Curator of Monty’s Public House. A whiskey bar/library of the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

  • Former Resident Artist at The Gallery Lounge- a Miami themed lounge in the South Bronx

  • Currently working on his 1st book titled; “The Way of the Whiskey” a lifestyle and culture book.

  • Creator of custom commissioned furniture, and installations from recycled and aged materials.

  • Creator of his signature custom illuminated paintings by commission for private collectors, bars, hotels and lounges.

  • Exhibits personal work locally as well as in Miami, Atlanta, Brooklyn & NYC.

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