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10.04.11 | LITM, 140 Newark Avenue, Jersey City

Works by John Fathom exploring our veneration of Godly ideals & exploring the fundamental laws that allow us our unique perspective.

J. Fathom takes a 'waste nothing" approach to his sculptural process like our ancestors before us using recovered woods and metals collected and re-purposed to create his illuminated paintings sculptures; a hybrid of the two mediums meant to evoke the creative response one would have when looking up in the clouds or at something under a microscope. The paintings act as snapshots into other worlds that seem familiar to us.

The main elements of inspiration for GOD MUSE MONSTER and Fathom's other works include: Contraction/expansion, opposition, symmetry,sequence, veneration, reverence, honor, folklore, alignment, time, perspective, conquest, creation, beliefs, power, universal laws, timeless principles and the general nature of things.

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