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Philosophy & Bio

Fathom first crafted his signature Illuminated Paintings and Sculptures in 2002. Rather than being a one-dimensional painting, this work serves to provide a snapshot into the microcosmic world.  Utilizing light to expose the colors various depths, each piece tells a different part of the story of the governing principles & magical laws of our existence.


His illuminated paintings have been featured in hotels, nightclubs and lounges in NYC, Miami, Atlanta and NJ as well as in the South Bronx where 18 artwork pieces were custom installed in the Miami-themed nightclub The Gallery Lounge.  Fathom additionally served as the curator for the space.

His background in Industrial Design drove him to utilize his “form follows function” philosophy by translating his upcycled/distressed materials aesthetic into crafting furniture, installations & interiors.

Fathom’s design approach to his furniture or custom sculptural installations is simple;

  • Reuse/upcycle/recycle materials whenever possible.

  • Work with the materials around you rather then traveling great distances to source specifics.

  • Use aged woods whenever possible. Old doors and dismantled furniture are a regular source.

  • Distress and ware away the materials, giving the entire mixed assemblage piece a more comfortably aged feel and userability.

  • Interact  with the public through functionality or by creating a compelling curiosity within each piece.


Fathom also pilots 660Studios;  A 4 story Arts spacecraft that serves as a physical environment for artists to manifest their creative pursuits as well as a gallery/event space for the contributing artists of 660Studios. 660Studios also serves as the base of operations for the organizational initiatives he is a part of, such as The Culture JC.

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